Below you can find our fees structure for our Agency Services and our Real Estate Consulting services. Our Real Estate Consulting services are provided by an experienced team of professionals with a combined experience of over 30 years in the Real Estate Consulting field.

Real Estate Consulting fees for Sellers

When we sell a Property, our fees paid by the Seller change according to the sale price, as follows:

Sale price of up to 2.5 million GBP:
5.00% (five percent) including 20% VAT, if applicable, on the total purchase price;

Sale price from 2.5 to 5 million GBP:
4.00% (four percent) including 20% VAT, if applicable, on the total purchase price;

Sale price from 5 to 7.5 million GBP
3.00% (three percent) including 20% VAT, if applicable, on the total purchase price;

Sale price from 15 to 20 million GBP
2.00% (two percent) including 20% VAT, if applicable, on the total purchase price;

NOTE: the above-mentioned fees refer to the specified purchase price and are inclusive of the statutory 20 V.A.T. These fees are borne by the seller and are payable to us on the conclusion of the sale.

Real Estate Consulting Fees – Property Rental

In the case of the lease (rent) of the property, the fee is paid only by the Property owner. Therefore, the Tenant who rents a luxury house with our help does not have to pay us any fees.

Real Estate Consulting Fees – Right to Get the Fee

As required by the Law the right to get the fee for our Real Estate Consulting services, matures when the Buyer and/or the Tenant is informed that the real estate Owner accepted his proposal to purchase and/or proposal to rent the Property.

Real Estate Consulting Fees – Mandate Assignment

The Mandate Assignment with our company and/or our real estate consultants for our Real Estate Consulting services will be considered formalized in one of the following cases:

  1. with the signature by the Buyer of the document named “Property Visit Sheet”;
  2. with the stipulation by the Buyer of the agreement named “Fee for Real Estate Consulting”;
  3. with the use by the Buyer of one of our real estate consulting services listed on the page Our Services of this Website.

Real Estate Consulting Fees – Payment (Purchase)

As required by law in the event of Buying or Selling a Property, the fees for our Real Estate Consulting services are paid by Buyer and Seller in one of the following situations:

  • simultaneously to the signing of the Preliminary Purchase Contract, or alternately;
  • if no official purchase offer has been made, simultaneously to the signing by Buyer and Seller of the Notarial Deed of Purchase.


If our fees are invoiced to a private buyer, 20% VAT must be applied on the fees gross amount. If our fees are invoiced to a European company, no VAT must be applied to our fees gross amount. Please note that the gross amount of the fees for our Real Estate Consulting services may change in case the UK Government decides to make a VAT adjustment. In this case, our company has the right to immediately ask for the payment of such adjustment.

Taxes for Real Estate Purchase

In the event of a buying or selling the Property, all notary costs and taxes (registration tax, land tax, mortgage tax, etc) for the purchase of the property, shall be paid by the Buyer. Of course, our team follows the Buyer during the purchase phase to facilitate the fulfilment of all the bureaucratic practices and tax payments. If desired, through a team of specialized professionals we can also help you to better optimize all fiscal aspects of your real estate investment. Contact us for further information on how to optimize the tax aspects for the purchase of your luxury retreat!

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