East London Property Market Trends are statistics compiled with figures related to data of two types:

  • East London Property Market Sale Trends, based on sales recorded by the Land Registry;
  • East London Property Market Rental Trends, based on actual average rental fees.

East London Property Market Trends

Market Trends over the last years for each Home County:

EAST LONDONAverage IncreaseAvg. Sell PriceAvg. Rental Price
Bermondsey+7.88% over last 1 year£619,572£550 per week
Bethnal Green +0.53% over last 6 years£494,872£460 per week
City of London (East London) +1.38% over last 3 years£894,290£743 per week
Clerkenwell (East London) +8.98% over last 8 years£965,620£535 per week
Deptford+120.75% in last 2 years £431,303£400 per week
Docklands+2.18% over last 1 year£471,633£570 per week
Greenwich+49.11% over last 1 year£661,956£415 per week
Hackney+6.18% over last 1 year£630,077£515 per week
Ilford +4.34% over last 5 year£365,908£340 per week
Ockendon -4.33% over last 1 year£331,195(not enough data)
Royal Docks-0.16% over last 4 years£388,469£415 per week
Shoreditch+11.67% over last 7 years£723,123£480 per week
Spitalfields+57.53% over last 1 year £691,573£395 per week
Stoke Newington+22.65% over last 1 year £648,205£460 per week
Stratford+48.81% over last 1 year£433,506£520 per week
Tower Hamlets -3.09% over last 5 years£510,084£530 per week
Walthamstow +0.56% over last 9 years£482,708£485 per week
Wapping +2.51% over last 5 year£662,156£585 per week
Whitechapel +26.75% over last 8 years£616,916£445 per week
Woolwich +24.37% over last 5 years£406,929£370 per week
(Source: © Crown Copyright. Land Registry data for June 2019)
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